Terms and Conditions

RULES AND REGULATIONS FOR OUR BUSINESS- Our dog grooming business assures all our customers that we will do our utmost best for your dogs to be safe and sound in our grooming salon. By booking an appointment with us and leaving your dog/s under our care and responsibility you proclaim to agree to our rules and regulations. The following listed below is what we except from you the customer and what you should expect from us as the groomer. Please do read the following rules carefully. 1. A visitation may be postponed and/or cancelled at least 24 hours prior to the visit. If, however it is less than 24 hours that the deposit provided by the customer is non-refundable. 2. The Deposit. The deposit is classed as non-refundable if. a. The customer does not show up to their scheduled appointment even though a reminder is sent out to all scheduled customers 24 hours before the appointment. b. The customer proceeds to cancel the appointment on the day of it being scheduled for. 3. When having booked an appointment for a specific time, this is then the clients allocated period. The maximum delay we are to allow for the attendance of the appointment is 15 minutes. If however the time is further delayed onward from the 15 minutes then our business has the right to refuse service and the deposit will not be returned. 4. The customer is not permitted to stay with the dog during any treatments, specific instructions for shorter appointments will be provided at the time of the appointment. 5. Our services are extensive, this then means that we will not cut the dogs hair without a bath prior. 6. Each and every dog should have up-to-date rabies vaccinations. 7. The owner is required at the making of the appointment to disclose any information on the dogs’ problems and/or health issues. 8. Any suggestion and/or complaints that have been risen with the service provided can be accepted within a 24-hour limit after the appointment, where we can arrange time for corrections to take place. 9. Our salon is frequently cleaned, and our tools are disinfected between every dog. 10. When attending an appointment at our salon please take extra precautions to make sure that your dog/s have been combed, this is so that there are no major tangles. If this is not performed, we will not take it upon ourselves to try and comb it out as it will make the dogs time with us unpleasant and potentially painful. If this situation were to occur, we would act promptly by trimming the dog rather short to put them at ease and it will be highlighted to the customer at the end of the appointment. 11. On many occasions dogs will do their job on our table and/or salon, please make sure to walk you dog before attending the appointment. 12. Lastly, if the dog is a danger to themselves and/or the groomer, the visitation will come to a prompt halt and will not proceed and no matter at what point this happens we may charge 40% of the appointment price. By having read these rules and regulations thoroughly, you the customer must agree to them by the time the appointment is made, this is in order to have a mutual understanding of what is expected from both parties. By agreeing you put your trust in our dog grooming business to leave your dog with us and for us to provide a safe space for them at the salon. You also agree to any pictures and/or videos to be shared on our official social media pages and website for the purpose of advertisement. Thank you for cooperating with Dog Grooming – Psi Fryzjer, we look forward to working with you.